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What is so tempting about spending all of someones free time in a dark, sweaty gym in a basement? Anette is a 42-year old bodybuilder, who competed for the first time in december at Luciapokalen in Gothenburg. Six days a week, after working at the preschool, she went to the gym. Hardcore fat loss, lifting weights and practising poses are all important parts of the preparations before the competition. Big amounts of money are spent on fatburning pills and dietary supplements, and the days before Luciapokalen. Anette was down to 1400 calories a day, falling asleep as soon as she sat down. On the day of the competition, you eat salt and sugar to make the muscles swell.

After a long day of spraytanning, pumping up and posing, Anette came third place in her group. Six months of hardcore preparations for ten minutes in the spotlight. Now she’s going for Swedish Championship 2012.